Coreopsis verticallata ‘Sunset Strip’

Rusticity Zone 5 (Identifiy your rusticity zone)
Height 50 cm
Width 60 cm
Flowering Time June, July, August, September, October,


Threadleaf Coreopsis forms a spreading clump of very delicate, ferny foliage and is native to the eastern United States, east of the Mississippi River, commonly found in dry, sunny sites where it is tolerant of poor soil, drought, heat and neglect. This new introduction bears loads of glowing, gold and orange petals with a reddish undertone, surrounding a darker eye. Flowers appear in early summer and last through to late fall. Attractive to butterflies. Excellent for cutting, planting in mixed containers as well as edging in the sunny border. Clipping faded flowers will encourage buds to form all season. Tolerant of hot, dry sites, once established. Easily divided in spring